Learn to Program with Java Applet Game Examples

by E. S. Boese


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The Book

This book is a gentle introduction to the art of programming, focusing on giving you the tools to create sophisticated programs fast. It assumes you have never programmed before, and explains the necessary concepts to get up and running and segregates the advanced material into "Advanced Concept" sections. It is intended to motivate and excite you to the fun of programming. Everything is based on graphics and specifically applets, which enable you to put all of your work up on the Internet. There is also a chapter that explains how and where to put your applets on the Internet. And all of the examples and instruction is based on the standard Java library, which means you are learning real Java and will be able to read other examples available on the Internet. This edition is updated for Java 6.
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Chapter 1 Introduction to Programming
Chapter 2 Drawing Shapes and Text
Chapter 3 Variables and Methods
Chapter 4 Operators
Chapter 5 Conditionals
Chapter 6 Key and Mouse Events
Chapter 7 Loops
Chapter 8 Threads and Timers
Chapter 9 Collections
Chapter 10 Swing Components
Chapter 11 GUI Design
Chapter 12 Events on Components
Chapter 13 Classes
Chapter 14 Inheritance
Chapter 15 Internet Applications
Appendix A Debugging
Appendix B Coding Standards
Appendix C Order of Operations
Appendix D Java API
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Full Color [ISBN: 978-0-557-63154-4] http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/learn-to-program-with-java-applet-game-examples/12431297

Black & White [ISBN: 978-0-557-63215-2] http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/learn-to-program-with-java-applet-game-examples-%28bw%29/12432011

Note: the full color version color codes the various programming elements to make it easier to read and learn. However, the black and white version is the same content but much more affordable in black and white.